We Are Trophy Kids is the musical rock and roll marriage of Paul Ventura (guitar and vocals) and Frank Gaeta (drums). Blending (let’s call it) classic punk rock from the early 00’s with the pop sensibilities of top 40 radio, We Are Trophy Kids dedicate themselves to writing solid rock tunes with resonating lyrics.

Unofficially formed in the summer of 2013 from the dust of now defunct New York punk rock (with horns) band, Hey Stranger, We Are Trophy Kids came about that summer when Frankie reached out to Paul with the idea of starting something less horn-centric and more reminiscent of the rock bands the two shared a mutual love for.

The two quickly got to work and created the songs which would make up their debut EP, “You Give Me Nightmares”.

Now expanding further on that sound, We Are Trophy Kids are set to release their debut full length album in 2015.